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Which size hoop is right for me?

The hula hoops range in size
from 30" to 44" diameter:

30" - for children over 7 years old,

36" - for proficient hoopers,

38” or 40" - for most adults and for those practicing hulaerobics and hula hoop tricks

44" - for plus size ladies and gents and the hula hooper
preferring an
easier hoola hooping experience.

Please note - these are guidelines only !

Other sized hula hoops can be custom made. Contact us for more details.

What difference does hoola hula hoop size makes?

Larger hula hoops rotate more slowly, smaller hula hoops rotate more quickly. When learning to hula hoop, larger hula hoops are more forgiving because they give extra time to execute movements slowly and accurately. It is easier with larger hula hoop to begin to feel the hula hoop moving around your body, to become accustomed to its rhythm, and to develop your own rhythmic response to it. So we recommend starting with a hula hoola hoop of at least 38 inches. Later, as your skill level increases, if you want to challenge yourself, you may decide to choose a smaller hoola hula hoop, to play and experiment.